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Posted January 18, 2015 by Karen Lorena

The hand is in need of an extension, of a tool that allows it to create, to pull out ideas and capture them. The hand has the knowledge of the size of the objects that will fit it with ease and this is one of them. This tool, that the hand is always in search for, makes it possible for humans to communicate beliefs and thoughts. It is too forgiving with the hand mistakes, because it knows the human connected to the hand has flaws and therefore allows do-overs. No wonder is then that one end of this magnificent tool does and the other one undoes.

The hand knows everything about this tool and is careful with it, because it knows about its fragileness, about its rough package. It knows that to take advantage of its inside it should be surrounded, protected, by a thick wooden layer. All of it is surrounded except the top and the bottom part, which allows the hand to give it a hard use. Its roughness is mitigated with the delicacy of its content.

Written instructions for opening the package to access this object would be superfluous since it is very simple. The hand knows when it is ready for usage because it can feel its sharp peak and feel its delicate core. The package is part of the product itself and therefore to be used and finished with as the same time as the graphite, the only remaining being the metal part holding the eraser, and the eraser, in case the mistakes where less that the successes.

The hand knows that with usage the pencil consumes itself and reaches a certain point where it cannot be held with ease and therefore it is not always taken fully advantage of. It reaches this point when hand can no longer hold it by itself and it needs a newer, larger one. Therefore it is most of the times disposed before it had had been taken complete advantage of.

It is a real pleasure for the hand to be able to feel surfaces through this tool, each surface has different textures but regardless of this, the pencil is always prepared for action. The hand knows about the pencil’s largeness and shape too and it is, by nature, playful which is maybe why it makes the object target of many frustrations caused by the writer’s block or by the blank page’s anxiety, leading the object to the human’s mouth and letting it be bitten or misused.

The object that the hand is always in search for is thin, large, and cylindrical and its outside can be of innumerable colors and patterns, depending on its creator. It also has sometimes some information about its characteristics on the outside, ink written, as if trying to name it, since it almost has a free spirit.

Together with this tool, the hand knows it is unstoppable and limitless, that they create the starting point of almost everything, because everything starts from an idea, a sketch, a word. The hand is also aware that this tool is older than most, but it has a special value that no modern tool can replace. This tool, through the hand, transforms the human from a quiet to an expressive creature.

Being as dependent as it is from the hand, this tool is also quite independent in comparison to other materials this is why, maybe, it is able to function without need of gravity pushing it down. It is so powerful that you can use it in places with no gravity and it would still work.

Because it allows humans to realize concepts and ideas it is the object with the one the creation of books, buildings, furniture, poems, and many other masterpieces start to come to life, no wonder it is in its form so beautiful.