We were given a blue envelope for us to fill with anything we wanted for someone else to do a project based on that. “Planting a seed” this was the concept of the project called “The Blue Letter”. Leaving us with a major doubt: Are we the creators or were the people behind our envelopes planting the seed were?

In my envelope, I was able to find a website filled with fictional Chinese characters and superheroes. Pondering about what superheroes were I came to the conclusion that all successful fictional characters have one thing in common: they all have flaws.

Further reflection drove me to the thought of how as humans we try to achieve a lot of fantastic tasks and also are always trying to avoid mistakes. I found it interesting that the fictional characters that we so idolize share their deepest weaknesses with us, even though we're "only humans".

When playing games we tend not to take them too seriously, we accept luck and bad luck and successes and we forgive ourselves for the failures and for the bad decisions taken. What we still don't understand is that life itself, with superheroes or without them is about collecting as much values as we can on the way, to have flaws and why not, to have fun.