Llegar Lejos

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Female students drop out of school because they feel bored. They purposely get don't use birth control and become pregnant to have an excuse to stop going to school and start working. Society has been boosting men to continue an education while women are left behind in the common belief of education not being worthy because of the role women usually play (taking care of the kids/house)

These was my first attempt on doing an interactive learning story.My project involves a big community, it is about trying to give girls equal access to education. I am trying to infuse girls the since very young the importance of hard work, having goals in life and finishing an education. For this I need to learn a lot about my target audience to be able to create a media that appeals to them. I am Trying to infuse girls since very young the empowerment so they demand equal access to education. For more information about the process/prototyping and results of this project you can take a look on this link