Imagine you’re on your office and you receive this package (point the package) It’s an unexpected figure, you’ve never seen anything like this, and you start thinking what is it and what does it does. So you finally figure out that you can take out from there 3 usb memories. Curious by this object you plug the first one into you computer and you begin to amaze yourself by the amazing structure that is show in it. Of course you’d like to know where is this located and how can you get there, because, who isn’t attracted to beauty and magnificent places? Wanting to see more you take a look into the other memories, each on them containing different parts of the complex. Of course you’re interested and keeping the package, and the usb’s. And you’re calling the contact number to find out more about this.

You’re finally arriving to Fort Lauderdale’s Airport only to look through the airplane’s window and find out the place is more amazing than you thought. The structure holds 3 main uses: living, corporative and entertainment. In here you find spaces where you can have business meetings and conferences, spaces where you can shop and they are all united by a landscape where you can take a walk and find different views to enjoy. Also if you’re planning to stay for more than a day or if you live in Dania you can find this building where you will be able to have your apartment.What would it be like to live right next to this complex where you have your office and a world of opportunities.